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Amy Searcy

AmyAmy is a certified Zen Yoga and Zen Wellness Medical Qigong instructor and has studied with many masters and grand masters. She also has certifications in Bikram and Barkan Yoga. Amy has been teaching yoga for over 17 years and has been practicing yoga since 1996. She has a 1st degree black belt in Kung Fu and is a teacher of Taoist Tantra. Amy currently studies medical and spiritual Qigong with Master Teachers Michael Leone and Jason Campbell, Taoist Tantra and the I Ching with Xi Lai, and Chinese medicine with Dr. Puquan Xiao.

Amy is also an accomplished actress, having been in numerous films and plays. She has found that yoga and qigong are the perfect compliment to acting, helping her to focus her energy and breath-work. She is the owner of the downtown Phoenix Zen Wellness Center.

Kristen Burkhart

KristenKristen has been studying and practicing yoga since her early 20s, but really began to experience the impact and transformation of eastern philosophy when she started practicing Bikram Yoga 2 years ago. The impact of such a focused environment really has opened her eyes to other arenas of thought.  She then began pursuing Medical QiGong, Zen Yoga and 5 Animal Kung Fu. Kristen was certified in 2011 as a Medical QiGong Instructor and is currently teaching at the Zen Wellness location in Downtown Phoenix. She has had the very distinct honor to practice under world renowned Master and Chief instructors while continuing her education in Medical QiGong, Yoga and Kung Fu. Kristen is also the Student Manager for Zen Wellness and is currently working on her black belt in 5 Animal Kung Fu as well as weapons training in straight sword and chain whip.

Chris Brennan

Bio coming soon…

Master Teachers

Master Instructor Michael Leone

Master Teacher Michael Leone has over 34 years of martial and healing art experience. He is the Head Medical Qigong director of the Zen Wellness organization. He owns and licenses Martial Arts, Zen Yoga and Zen Wellness Centers, and is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Zen Wellness Self-Care Solutions” along with numerous DVD’s on Qigong, Tai Chi and Martial Arts. A registered 8th degree Black Belt Master Instructor registered with the United Martial Arts Association of America and recognized by The National Qigong Association, Yoga Alliance and The International Doh Yi Federation. Master Leone has been teaching the eastern arts full time for over 25 years and has trained and certified thousands of black belts and instructors.

He began his martial arts training as a teenager in 1977. It was at that time he began to see the healing aspects of Qigong, bagwa, tai chi and the internal disciplines that cultivate greater energy flow in the body. He witnessed students of all ages experience what seemed like miraculous healing of back, knee, neck injuries, and many other ailments. His entire life has been devoted to studying and teaching martial, medical and spiritual Qigong ever since.

Master Leone has trained with many masters and grandmasters of many different disciplines and continues his training and teaching in the Phoenix area and travels throughout the world conducting trainings and certifications for instructors. He also conducts seminars and certifications at the Zen Wellness Retreat Center, which he owns with Master Teacher Jason Campbell, in Castle Hot Springs, AZ.

Master Instructor Jason Campbell

Master Instructor Jason Campbell is currently a 6th degree black belt registered with the United Martial Arts Association of America and recognized by The National Qigong Association, Yoga Alliance and The International Doh Yi. He has trained with many masters and grandmasters of many different disciplines. He has been teaching full time for over 20 years, and currently owns and licenses Kung Fu, Zen Yoga and Zen Wellness Centers. He has trained and certified thousands of students and instructors. Master Campbell has also worked with and consulted hundreds of studios in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia teaching entrepreneurial skills to the owners and independent teachers. He is the author of numerous books, manuals, CD’s and DVD’s teaching Zen Yoga, Kung Fu, Qigong and entrepreneurial skills to studio owners and independent practitioners including the highly acclaimed “Official Yoga Business Success Guide” and “Creating Abundance in Your Spiritual Business.”

He continues his training and teaching in the Phoenix area and conducts international Qigong instructor certifications and Zen Business Bootcamps for spiritual entrepreneurs. He also owns the Zen Wellness Retreat Center in Castle Hot Springs, AZ with Master Teacher Michael Leone. He balances his teachings and businesses with his own personal cultivation and time spent with his kids, Jake and Mary.

Master Instructor Sara Anderson

Sara Anderson began her training in the martial arts in 1984.  Living and training in Chicago (her hometown), she reached the level of first degree black belt by 1988.  Shortly thereafter, Sara moved to Boston and continued her training, teaching martial arts, Taoist yoga and Chi Gong at schools and clubs in Boston and New Hampshire. She co-founded Seminars Unlimited – a company which provided corporate wellness (tai chi and chi gong) and self defense for Fortune-500 company employees and senior management staff in the New England area.  By 1996, Sara had reached the rank of third degree black belt and moved to Phoenix, AZ.  In Phoenix, she began augmenting her training with different yoga and chi gong styles (asana and pranayama).  She trained for several more years before becoming certified through the Zen Yoga system  and Yoga Alliance.  Sara continues to train and teach at the Zen Wellness Sun City Studio.

Zen Wellness

Phoenix Location

Urban Wellness
2024 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ 85006

Photos from our Events

Tai Chi with Master Li

Stuart Olsen Lecture on the 250-Year-Old Man

Taoist Horse Stance with Master Campbell

Dao Yin with Master Rath

Qi Fit and Medical Qigong Oct 2013

Tao Yi

“I want to say…

a few words about Master Michael Leone.  I was looking for someone who could help instruct me a little bit more in depth in the world of Qi Gong and how it works, not just the movement and the breathing. 

He’s definitely the right person for that.  He’s well versed and well trained.  He will help you understand the basics, and give you a better understanding of how you can go about helping other people learn about Qi Gong.  How it can benefit their health, themselves, their friends, their family, and everyone around them.  If you’re looking for something like that, I would highly recommend Master Campbell and Master Leone’s services."

~Kevin Clark, Chief Instructor, President of America’s Martial Arts Institute, Medical Qigong Instructor, Kileen, TX

“I began my training…

at Zen Wellness on February 6, 2010. In my time there I have learned life skills I will keep forever in my mind and body.

Although my primary focus was Kung Fu, I have also participated in several Qigong classes, both of which have benefited me greatly. I am so thankful that I have discovered the importance of understanding how to cleanse my chi; knowing what that means alone, is a benefit in itself. To me it is a process of filling my heart, body, mind and spirit with purifying thoughts through various forms of meditation and movement.

The most important lessons I gained from training are the fundamentals of dedication, hard work, strength, honor, respect and courtesy. All of these will help me in my pursuit of success in my acting career and personal life. By attending classes I have completed the development of a new perspective on life and the way I move throughout it. I now approach life with a new mentality that I learned in class; “by telling myself I have already achieved something, that solves half the battle.” Although I am grateful for all of these things, I am most thankful for my Kung Fu skills.

~Andrea Ridgeway, Actress, Los Angeles, CA