Masters Council

Grandmaster Jiang Jing Sung Baek

Grandmaster Jiang Jing Sung Baek trained martial arts all his life. He is specialized in double edged sword Kum. Throughout martial arts community, he is known as Kum Sun, the “Immortal Swordsman”. Grandmaster is the current patriarch of Dong Han Gwan, Dae Han Mu Do Gwan and Mugairyu Headquarters.

Grandmaster conducted over 300 training sessions primarily in Chicago, Vermont, New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Seattle between 1978 and 2010, teaching martial arts, Qigong, Daoist medicine, longevity, and spirituality.

Grandmaster Jerry Cook

GrandMaster Cook has been teaching for over 30 years. He is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Karate, a Master (Te-Ching) of Chinese Kung Fu and a Professor 8th Degree Black Belt in the Pierce Family Kung Fu System. He specializes in teaching Black Belts exotic forms and weapon systems. He has certified hundreds of Black Belt Instructors and has schools throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Jerry R. Cook started his martial arts training in 1971 in junior high with the study of American Boxing and Wrestling. In 1973, he studied Shotokan with Master Charles Dixon. In 1974, he trained in Kempo Karate and taught his way through high school, eventually receiving a Black Belt from the A.K.K.A. In 1980, he studied Aikido under Master John Takagi. In 1984, he received a Black Belt in Okinawan Goju Ryu under Sensei Alvarez. In 1985 he learned Tiger & Crane from Buck Sam Kong, and later from Masters Hung & Ru Hu Zhu. He also learned 116 Wing Chun Mokjong from Master Fong. In 1987, he received a Black Belt under Master Gene Chicoine for Chinese Kung Fu and 108 Ba-kwa from Dr. Wong, and later from Masters Hsu & Ting-jue. He received a black belt in Green Dragon Kung Fu / Shuai Chaio / Chang 108 Taichi from Master Chicoine & 108 Long Fist 1-10 fighting methods from master Ma, later Pan Qing Fu’s 18 combat style. In 1990, he received a Black Belt in Budo Kan Ju Jitsu under Dr. Lindsay Anglen. In 1992, he began work with GrandMaster Jin Heng Li in Wu Shu, receiving a Black Belt Master status.

In 2002 he received a 7th Degree black belt in Kajukenbo, certified by C-Jo Emperado & GrandMaster Pierce. He also studies with Shaolin monk Shi Yong Kai in styles of Yi-Chin-Ching, Baji & Chen Taichi, and he has also worked with Chen Xaio Wang, Chen Bing & Chen Zhang. In 2005 he received one of the most knowledgeable masters award from the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and was put on the International Grandmasters Council. In 2007 he became a Doh-Yi master with Daoist priest Jaing Jing, Sun Baek specializing in Wu-Tang sword & Dao-Yin. 2008 he received Grandmaster scrolls from Ninjitsu Grandmaster Ashida Kim & Grandmaster Lawrence Day Black Dragon. In 2011 he received IMACC Professorship, Gandmaster in Grandmaster John Wongs Tanglang Lotus Clan & received a 9th Degree black belt in Pierce Combat method Kajukenbo & the Black Dragon Fighting Society.

Master Cook has schools throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
In 1984, Jerry was District Representative for the World Ranking System. In 1987 he was Vice-President, Arizona Chapter of the National Shuai-Chaio Organization. In 1988, he was Chief Administrator and Head Instructor for American Shaolin-WuTang and the School of Five Form Fist. In 1992, he was Operations Manager and Head Instructor for World Martial Arts under GrandMaster Jin Heng Li. In 1998, Jerry came to work with United Martial Arts in teaching, research and development under Michael J. Leone.

He helped build the Yang Tze Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ under Master Dr. Xiao Pu Quan. Master Cook has won over 50 martial arts championships and has over 165 traditional Chinese Kung Fu forms to share with other martial artists. He has produced over a dozen books and videos in the arts. Master Cook specializes in teaching and certifying martial arts instructors in more than 200 schools. He has learned from some of the greatest teachers of the time and enjoys sharing that knowledge with others.

Grandmaster Jinheng Li

Master Jinheng Li was a senior member of the Beijing Wushu Team, and trainer of the China Junior Team. Some of the current Beijing Wushu Team members are also his students. Master Jinheng Li has won many national gold medals in Wushu Competitions in China, and so have his students. He has also starred in many TV series and movies. Master Li is an internationally acclaimed Chinese martial arts expert in many styles of Tai Chi, Wushu, Kung Fu – both traditional and modern forms.

Master Jinheng Li began his martial arts training at age 11, when he was selected to begin martial arts training at the prestigious Beijing Sports School. This is a “live-in” schoolwhere students focus not only on their academic subjects but they also train several hours daily, 6 days a week under the tutelage of the best martial arts masters in China. He was trained by China’s best masters and specialized in many Chinese traditional weapons, as well as numerous hand forms such as Northern Shaolin long fist, Southern Style Boxing, Hung Gar, Nanquan, Baji, Bagua, Chen & Yang Styles Tai Chi.

Grandmaster Thomas McGee

Grandmaster Thomas P. Mcgee, a registered 8th degree Black Belt of the United Martial Arts Association of America, has 32+ years of martial arts training, including 28 years of teaching and consultation. He has taught state and local enforcement in both Illinois and Florida. Techniques taught include self-defense and weapon trainings as well as the use of non-deadly force and control. He has also provided corporate consultation in health management, self-defense, and Chinese Qigong based upon eastern philosophies.

In addition to four locations in Illinois, Grandmaster Mcgee has owned and/or consulted schools in Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Massachusetts, and Arizona.

Grandmaster Puquan Xiao

Master Xiao was born into a martial arts family, and began his kung fu training at an early age. He had learned various wushu kung fu fighting techniques under a number of well-known martial arts instructors. At a young age, Master Xiao entered the Songsan Shaolin Temple in Henan Province China to study Shaolin Kung Fu under the Reverend Shi Xing Chang, who was also a disciple of the famous Abbott De Chan. Master Xiao is the 33rd generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple. His Buddhist title is Shi Yong Kai.

As an OMD, Dr. Xiao is experienced in Chinese osteopathy, acupuncture, and herbs and has the mastery in Qi Gong to offer the best options for non-surgical treatment choices for patients seeking fast pain relief, strength renewal, rejuvenation, and encouraging the body’s own spontaneous healing. Doctor Xiao’s conviction has been energized by the successes of a huge number of patients he treated in Guang’ Anmen Hospital in Beijing, China (the top hospital and research facility in China for Traditional Chinese Medicine) and in his own practice in Arizona.

Master Xiao has been honored as an emissary to promote Shaolin Martial Arts and Chinese Healing Arts to the World. He has been invited to lecture tours all over China including Tibet,Yunan Guanxi, and more than 20 other provinces and regions in China.

Dr. Xiao’s passion is to honor, facilitate, and assist patients in their quest to integrate Zen Meditation, Qi Gong, and Martial Arts therapeutic exercises into their lives to promote health improvement and maintenance activities.

Grandmaster Michael Leone

Master Teacher Michael Leone has over 4 decades of martial and healing art experience. He is the Head Medical Qigong director of the Zen Wellness organization. He owns and licenses Martial Arts, Zen Yoga and Zen Wellness Centers, and is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Zen Wellness Self-Care Solutions” along with numerous DVD’s on Qigong, Tai Chi and Martial Arts. A registered 8th degree Black Belt Master Instructor registered with the United Martial Arts Association of America and recognized by The National Qigong Association, Yoga Alliance and The International Doh Yi Federation. Master Leone has been teaching the eastern arts full time for over 35 years and has trained and certified thousands of black belts and instructors.

He began his martial arts training as a teenager in 1977. It was at that time he began to see the healing aspects of Qigong, bagwa, tai chi and the internal disciplines that cultivate greater energy flow in the body. He witnessed students of all ages experience what seemed like miraculous healing of back, knee, neck injuries, and many other ailments. His entire life has been devoted to studying and teaching martial, medical and spiritual Qigong ever since.

Master Leone has trained with many masters and grandmasters of many different disciplines and continues his training and teaching in the Phoenix area and travels throughout the world conducting trainings and certifications for instructors.

Teachers Listed Alphabetically

Master Instructor Tom Adams

Master Instructor Tom Adams is the Owner/Master Instructor of the Martial Art Center for Personal Development in Nashua, NH. He is a member of the National Association of Professional Martial Artists and is a registered 6th Degree Black Belt through The United Martial Arts Association.

Master Adams began his martial arts training over 20 years ago, and has personally studied under many different teachers across the country. He currently runs the Martial Art Center for Mind/Body Development in Needham, MA, and he was welcomed as the Master Instructor for the Martial Art Center in January 2005.

Master Instructor Sara Anderson

Sara Anderson began her training in the martial arts in 1984. Living and training in Chicago (her hometown), she reached the level of first degree black belt by 1988. Shortly thereafter, Sara moved to Boston and continued her training, teaching martial arts, Taoist yoga and Chi Gong at schools and clubs in Boston and New Hampshire. She co-founded Seminars Unlimited – a company which provided corporate wellness (tai chi and chi gong) and self defense for Fortune-500 company employees and senior management staff in the New England area. By 1996, Sara had reached the rank of third degree black belt and moved to Phoenix, AZ. In Phoenix, she began augmenting her training with different yoga and chi gong styles (asana and pranayama). She trained for several more years before becoming certified through the Zen Yoga system and Yoga Alliance. Sara continues to train and teach at the Zen Wellness Sun City Studio.

Master Instructor Jason Campbell

After having a profound healing experience as a teenager through Qigong, meditation and kung fu, Master Campbell made the decision to commit his life to the study of self-cultivation through the eastern health and spiritual arts.

Master Instructor Jason Campbell is currently a 7th degree black belt registered with the United Martial Arts Association of America and recognized by The National Qigong Association, Yoga Alliance and The International Doh Yi. He has trained with many masters and grandmasters of many different disciplines. He has been teaching full time for over 20 years, and currently owns and licenses Kung Fu, Zen Yoga and Zen Wellness Centers. He has trained and certified thousands of students and instructors. Master Campbell has also worked with and consulted hundreds of studios in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia teaching entrepreneurial skills to the owners and independent teachers. He is the author of numerous books, manuals, CD’s and DVD’s teaching Zen Yoga, Kung Fu, Qigong and entrepreneurial skills to studio owners and independent practitioners including the highly acclaimed “Official Yoga Business Success Guide” and “Creating Abundance in Your Spiritual Business.”

He continues his training and teaching in the Phoenix area and conducts international Qigong instructor certifications and Zen Business Bootcamps for spiritual entrepreneurs. He balances his teachings and businesses with his own personal cultivation and time spent with his kids, Jake and Mary.

Master Ping Zhen Cheng

Ping Zhen Cheng graduated from Beijing Chinese National Qigong Science Institute and Wuhan Physical Education College. He is the founder of East West Internal Arts, a curriculum provider for over 30 full time Martial Arts schools and meditation centers worldwide. He served as the Chair of Physical Arts Department at the New York College of Health Professions, Graduate School of Oriental Medicine, and lectured on Tuina, Acupressure, Qigong, Medical Tai Chi, and a curriculum based on Chinese Medicine principles which he created in the US for the first time. He has devoted all his life to the study and preservation of Chinese Traditional Healing arts and martial arts.

Growing up in Hebei Province of North China, the cradle of the Internal Martial Arts, the birth place of Xingyi, Bagua and Taiji, he is a lineage successor of Masters that are national treasures of China. He is one of the few teachers in the US that has inherited the vast knowledge of all three internal styles as well as various healing arts of both Buddhist and Taoist origins. As a coach of national Kung Fu Champions in both forms and Taiji push-hands, he has appeared in the Tai Chi Journal, Newsday, Fox40’s Morning News. He conducts workshops around the world.

Master Jonah HsuHwan Chin

Master Jonah HsuHwan Chin has over 35 years of experience in martial arts with the last 16 years devoted to the study of Dong Han Medical Qigong, Kumbup (single blade sword training), Traditional Kumdo, and Oriental Medicine all under the direct supervision of Grandmaster Baek. Master Chin is also an acupuncturist with over fifteen years of study and practice in the acupuncture field. He is 5th Dan in Kumdo, 6th Dan in Kumbup/Chief Master and Chief Master in Dong Han Qigong.

Master Lina JungHyun Chin

Master Lina JungHyun Chin has devoted over fifteen years to the study of DongHan Medical Qigong, Kumbup, Traditional Kumdo and Oriental Medicine all under the direct supervision of Grandmaster Baek. She also majored in music at Seoul National University and studied Kumungo (Korean daoist traditional instrument) and earned First Prize at the national competition in 1993. She is 4th Dan in Kumdo, 5th Dan in Kumbup and Chief Master in Dong Han Qigong.

Master Instructor Jerry Dibble

Master Instructor Dibble is currently a registered 6th degree Black Belt in Kung Fu with the United Martial Arts Association of America. He was certified as an Instructor with the United Martial Arts Association of America in 2004 and certified by the National Rifle Association as an Instructor in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection in the Home, and as a Range Safety Officer under the tutelage of Soke Reagan that same year. Since then Master Instructor Dibble has trained with Master Leone in Northern Shaolin Longfist, Xing Yi Quan, Wing Tsun, Tai Chi, Bagua, and Chi Gong. He is also a certified Zen Yoga Instructor under Master Jason Campbell. He has studied Five Element Theory, Taoist Chi Gong, the I-Ching, traditional Chinese Medicine, and Doh Yi with GrandMaster Sung Baek (earned a 1st degree master certification), Tai Chi and Xing Yi with Master Ping Chen, Wushu with GrandMaster Jin Heng Li, Kung Fu (all styles and 18 weapons) with GrandMaster Jerry Cook.

Master Instructor Dibble continues his training in Chinese Martial Arts with Master Leone, Master Campbell, GrandMaster Jerry Cook, and GrandMaster Jin Heng Li. He continues training in the Japanese, Native American Martial Arts and Firearms training with Soke Reagan. Master Dibble considers his crowning achievement to be his daughter. When asked why he says simply “She is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me”.

Master Instructor Colleen Inman

As a published author, mother of two, and a true Yogi at heart, Colleen Inman brings a wealth of patience, knowledge, and leadership skills to the team. Colleen is instrumental to the wellness programming of Zen Yoga, where she combines her decades of professional experience in the wellness industry with modern-day focuses and practices.

Since 2000, Inman has been training in Dahn, Hatha and Taoist lineage practices and philosophy of Yoga, Medical Qigong, Yang and Chen taijiquan, bagua, kung fu, TCM, and astrology, which all highly influence and shape her decisions when designing new wellness programs for guests at Castle Hot Springs. A 10-year apprentice under a long lineage of Masters in Taoist & Vedic studies, to this date, Inman has completed more than 10,000 hours of training. She focuses on reshaping breathing techniques, physically releasing tension, helping to create a pattern of peaceful thoughts and emotions, among others.

Outside of work, Inman enjoys spending time with her family, adventuring outdoors, reading, writing, visiting friends and loved ones, and of course, practicing yoga and new techniques to incorporate into her programming.

Master Kevin In-gyu Jung

Master Kevin In-Gyu Jung is a dedicated disciple of Grandmaster Baek since 2002. He is 4th Dan in Kumdo and 3rd Dan in Kumbup.

Chief Master Byung Jin Kim

Chief Master Byung Jin Kim started training Japanese Kendo since 1991. In 2001, he became a member of Dong Han Gwan and trained traditional Kumdo under Grandmaster Baek for 11 years. He is 6th Dan in Kumdo and 3rd Dan in Kumbup.

Master Lucas Chuljun Kim

Master Lucas ChulJun Kim has been practicing at Dong Han Gwan since 2001. He trained in Dong Han Medical Qigong, Traditional Kumdo, and Kumbup for 10years under the supervision of Grandmaster Baek. He is 4th Dan in Kumdo, 4th Dan in Kumbup and Master in Dong Han Qigong.

Master John SuHwan Kim

Master John SuHwan Kim is a dedicated disciple of Grandmaster Baek since 2002. He is 4th Dan in Kumdo and 3rd Dan in Kumbup.

Master Teacher Laurie Ledgerwood

Master Teacher Laurie Ledgerwood is currently a registered 8th Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu with the United Martial Arts Association of America. Gold Coin.

She started her martial arts training in Shotokan Karate, and has since studied numerous martial arts styles with many Masters and Grandmasters, including: Shorinji-ryu Jiu-jitsu, Shorei Kenpo Karate, Chuluaqui-Ryu and Doh-yi, as well as numerous styles of Kung Fu and martial arts weapons.

Since she moved to the Phoenix area, she has expanded her physical mastery training into firearms and archery and is qualified as an Instructor in handgun, shotgun, rifle, archery and in yoga as well.

As part of her service to the local community, she regularly conducts Women’s Self Defense seminars at no cost to the participants. She is also in the process of developing a series of weekend seminars aimed at training modern women warriors.

In addition to her own ongoing training, Master Instructor Ledgerwood trains Instructors locally at the United Kung Fu and United Tai Chi & Wellness Academies, and occasionally assists Master Instructor Jerry Dibble with the Zen Marksmen program.

Although she had started her professional career as a lawyer, Master Instructor Ledgerwood is happily dedicated to improving the lives and health of the students she has the privilege of teaching.

Master Instructor Stuart A. Olson

Stuart is a sectarian Daoist teacher, translator, and writer on Chinese philosophy, health, and internal arts. He has studied and practiced Daoism and Chinese Buddhism for more than 40 years. In 2006, he helped form Valley Spirit Arts to present his books and DVDs, and is the head teacher at the Sanctuary of Dao in Phoenix, Arizona, where he focuses on translating various Daoist texts, conducting lectures, leading retreats, and teaching.

Stuart has published 15 books, many of which now appear in several foreign-language editions. His books include Steal My Art: The Life and Times of T’ai Chi Master, T.T. Liang, The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic: The Taoist Guide to Health, Longevity, and Immortality, and T’ai Chi According to the I Ching: Embodying the Principles of the Book of Changes.

Stuart has performed numerous book signings, appeared on many TV and radio talk shows throughout the United States, written several articles for martial art and Daoist magazines, and has taught Daoism and Tai Ji Quan in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Canada, and Italy.

In 2005, he traveled to Britain to appear in the Tai Ji documentary film “Embracing the Tiger.” His works on Tai Ji Quan and Daoism have been well received within both communities.

Master Instructor James Rath

Master Instructor James Rath began his martial arts training in Northlake, IL in 1980. After studying many different styles of martial arts, Master Instructor Rath developed the Academy of Health & Martial Arts concept of integrating different styles of traditional martial and healing arts.

Master Rath is currently furthering his knowledge of the martial arts by learning from many great teachers such as Grand Master Pan Qing Fu, Master Instructor Jerry Cook, Professor Robert Nohelty, Master Instructor Li Jehung, Master Instructor Ping Cheng and others. Master Instructor Rath is a 6th Degree Black Belt under United Martial Arts and is currently studying towards his 4th Degree Black Belt in Shao Lin Kenpo Karate. After 26 years of studying and 21 years of teaching the martial arts, James Rath has enjoyed many physical and mental benefits. It is his hope to share this knowledge with others who demonstrate a desire to learn and improve themselves.

Master Instructor Amy Searcy

Master Instructor Amy Searcy is a certified Zen Yoga and Zen Wellness Medical Qigong instructor and has studied with many masters and grand masters. She also has certifications in Bikram and Barkan Yoga. Amy has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and has been practicing yoga since 1996. She has a 1st degree black belt in Kung Fu and is a teacher of Taoist Tantra. Amy currently studies medical and spiritual Qigong with Master Teachers Michael Leone and Jason Campbell, Taoist Tantra and the I Ching with Xi Lai, and Chinese medicine with Dr. Puquan Xiao.

Amy is also an accomplished actress, having been in numerous films and plays. She has found that yoga and qigong are the perfect compliment to acting, helping her to focus her energy and breath-work.

Beth Hayes

Master Instructor Elizabeth Seraphine

Elizabeth Seraphine is a registered 5th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor with the United Martial Arts Association of America. She began her martial arts career with Harley Swiftdeer Reagan and then trained under 8th-degree Master Michael Leone for 10 years while co-owning and operating United Martial Art and Zen Wellness centers. She also earned her 1st Degree Doh Yi Master Certification with Grandmaster Sung Baek.

She has also been trained by: Zi Xiao 16th Generation Wudang Master and Lineage holder Sangfeng Pai; Master Ping Zhen Cheng; Grandmaster Jerry Cook; Master Thomas McGee; Master Instructor Hsi Lai, Stuart A. Olson; and Grandmaster Jinheng Li. Her mystery school, The Priestess Path Lineages of Light® has initiated tens of thousands worldwide in the sacred arts.

Master Instructor Alan Venable