Zen Wellness Longevity Program – 500 Hours

Zen Wellness Longevity Program – 500 hours

The requirements for the first 200 hours of the Medical Qigong Training are covered under the Zen Wellness Medical Qigong Restorative Program (200hrs).  The additional 300 hours are listed below:


  • Longevity protocol:
  • Dao Yin
  • Tai Ji 13
  • 8 Taoist Palm
  • Tao Yi
  • 5 Element Regulating Protocol
  • Advanced energetic anatomy
  • Differentiation of Syndrome Diagnostic Methods
  • 64 Trigrams/Images
  • Teaching Advanced Programs (lineage holders only)

300 Hour Breakdown:

  • Live Zen Wellness Training: 300 total contact hours including 3 Zen Wellness Immersions
  • On-line interactive classroom including:
  • Weekly interactive 500-hour calls with Master Teacher Michael Leone (listen live or with a MP3 download)
  • Weekly LIVE on-line Qigong Classes with certified instructors (participate live or via replay)
  • Live event broadcast so you can participate and interact. Recording is made available after the event. (see members website for schedule)
  • Zen Business Bootcamp LIVE 2-Day Training (optional – not required to graduate)


  • Chinese Acupuncture and Moxabustion (ISBN #978-7-119-01758-7)
  • Zen Wellness Masters Path by Master Leone

Medical Qigong Director Lineage Holders requirement (Silver Coin):

  • Pass all required seasonal, mid term and final exams
  • Pass physical exam (full Longevity and Restorative curriculum)
  • Attend and assist an additional 50-hour Immersion
  • Graduate eight students on a 200-hour restorative program

Call 623-570-8928 or e-mail info@zenwellness.com for more info and application

Local Certification

The local requirements and curriculum for the Zen Wellness Longevity Program (300hrs) are the same as listed above.  The only difference is that all 300 Hours of training will be done at the Zen Wellness physical locations under the supervision of the Master Teachers and Zen Wellness staff.