Zen Wellness Medical Qigong Restorative Program – 200 Hours


Medical Qigong Restorative Program – 200 Hours


  • Live Zen Wellness Training: 200 total contact hours including (2) Zen Wellness Immersions
  • 100 contact hours “on-line interactive classroom”
  • On-line interactive classroom including:
  • Weekly interactive calls with Master Teacher Michael Leone (listen live or with a MP3 download)
  • Weekly LIVE on-line Medical Qigong Classes with certified instructors (participate live or via replay)
  • Live Qi Fit events are broadcast so you can participate and interact. Recording is made available after the event.
    Zen Wellness Medical Qi Gong Immersion
  • Zen Business Bootcamp LIVE 2-Day Training (optional – not required to graduate)
  • Zen Wellness Home Study Kit:
  • Secrets of Living Forever Young Medical Qigong book
  • 5 Element Curriculum on 2 DVD’s
  • Zen Wellness Masters Apprentice Log Book
  • Immediate access to the Zen Wellness Medical Qigong Library
  • 12 – 24 months to complete


Optional: Become a Zen Wellness Lineage Holder:

  • To become qualified to teach and preserve the lineage you will undergo an additional immersion
  • Complete the science of teaching.
  • Complete a physical and written exam
  • Log 25 practicum teaching hours
  • There is no additional charge for the Lineage Holder Certification once you have completed the 200-hour Master’s Path.

Become a certified Zen Wellness Lineage Holder / Instructor

This is a combination of live immersions and on line classroom to earn your 200-hour Medical Qigong Masters Path Certification. You begin by reviewing the home study kit, teachings from the on line library and beginning your personal practice and participation in the weekly on-line trainings with Master Leone. We will then meet at two of our live Medical Qigong and Qi Fit immersions to accumulate your training hours. All 200 hours are contact hours.

The home study and practice you do is in addition to the 200 contact hours.

“Inspiration led me to Zen Wellness and Qi Gong…and they literally saved my life. It is now February of 2013 and I just turned 55. In November of last year I began a journey that has transformed and restored me to youthful vigor.

Over the past few years time was catching up to me with health issues such as pain in both knees, lower back, abdominal area, extremely low energy, low libido, borderline high blood pressure, and depression.

In a very short time, practicing a little at first, listening to audio files, watching videos, and participating in the weekly live call; I practiced daily whether it was 5 minutes or an hour in the morning and afternoon. I was able to return my health to what I feel is younger than age 40! I have learned so much about myself during this time.

I have been working on this long distance from Kansas and this was my first opportunity to meet Master Leone, Master Campbell and their amazing staff as I am writing this from the first Zen Business Bootcamp and training immersion I have attended. So if you are ready for personal transformation and restoration, contact Zen Wellness or come see me and we will help you begin your journey.”

Gilda Jacobs Kneitz, Louisburg, Kansas


Curriculum:Zen Wellness Medical Qi Gong Healing Sounds

  • The Golden Chi Ball
    • Yin-Yang theory
    • Creating the brass basin
    • Finding the three hearts
    • Opening the small circuit
    • Leading the golden chi ball
  • Zen Wellness Five Element Medical Chi Gong
    • Five element theory
    • Using the Zen Wellness elemental healing sounds
    • Zen Wellness five animal chi gong
    • Zen Wellness five elemental standing chi gong
    • The three treasures of the Tao. Jing-chi-shen
  • Zen Wellness Nine Gates Medical Chi Gong
    • What are the nine gates?
    • Introduction to the twelve meridians
    • Three hearts and nine gates medical chi gong. (muscle tendon changing)
    • Three hearts and nine gates acute medical chi gong. (sitting practice)
    • Man, heaven and earth meridian breathing
  • Zen Wellness Eight Vessels Medical Chi GongZen Wellness Medical Qi Gong 8 Vessals
    • Introduction to the eight vessels
    • Opening the eight vessels chi gong
    • Filling the eight vessels chi gong
    • Introduction to the eight trigrams
    • The seven dimensions of consciousness
  • Zen Wellness Bone Marrow Nei Gong
    • What is bone marrow nei gong?
    • Iron shirt chi gong
    • Introduction to Ching Chi nei gong
    • Bone marrow breathing nei gong
    • Bone tapping nei gong

5 Element Medical Qigong Curriculum Comprehensive

The Mechanics of Mind and Body

Includes the study of QiGong as it applies to the human physical anatomy and physiology. (Body systems, joints and organs, etc. and energy anatomy and physiology (charkas, energy meridians, etc.) Includes both the study of the subject and application of its principles as it applies to yoga, Tai Chi and Martial Arts.

The Science of Teaching (Lineage Holders only)

Includes training on how to teach private and group lessons in a safe and professional manner to a wide variety of age groups and abilities and how to set up your teaching business.

Practicum – 25 hours (Lineage Holders only)

Includes documented practice teaching, receiving feedback, observing others teaching and hearing and giving feedback. Also includes assisting a certified instructor during classes.

This course is a 200 hour program that meets or exceeds the National Qi Gong Association requirements.

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Questions? Call 623-570-8928 or e-mail info@zenwellness.com

Zen Wellness Medical Qigong Restorative Program (200hrs) credit hours can apply towards your 500 hour Medical Qigong Masters Path / Lineage Holders Certification.


“My experience with Zen Wellness so far has been amazing. The teachers are knowledgeable, kind, and fun. With each of them having a different approach and style, I really feel that I am getting the most well rounded teachings/practice. I will definitely be joining Zen Wellness again for future retreats/training, this is just the beginning.”

Brittany M., Peterborough, ON

“Zen Wellness helps you discover your own potential for life- long health, and happiness. You learn to manage your mind, restore and improve your body, and coexist in your own environment. The Zen Wellness classes have set me on a path to achieve my goals and truly enjoy life.”

Linda Rice, Peoria, AZ