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Tao Yi

“I want to say…

a few words about Master Michael Leone.  I was looking for someone who could help instruct me a little bit more in depth in the world of Qi Gong and how it works, not just the movement and the breathing. 

He’s definitely the right person for that.  He’s well versed and well trained.  He will help you understand the basics, and give you a better understanding of how you can go about helping other people learn about Qi Gong.  How it can benefit their health, themselves, their friends, their family, and everyone around them.  If you’re looking for something like that, I would highly recommend Master Campbell and Master Leone’s services."

~Kevin Clark, Chief Instructor, President of America’s Martial Arts Institute, Medical Qigong Instructor, Kileen, TX

“I began my training…

at Zen Wellness on February 6, 2010. In my time there I have learned life skills I will keep forever in my mind and body.

Although my primary focus was Kung Fu, I have also participated in several Qigong classes, both of which have benefited me greatly. I am so thankful that I have discovered the importance of understanding how to cleanse my chi; knowing what that means alone, is a benefit in itself. To me it is a process of filling my heart, body, mind and spirit with purifying thoughts through various forms of meditation and movement.

The most important lessons I gained from training are the fundamentals of dedication, hard work, strength, honor, respect and courtesy. All of these will help me in my pursuit of success in my acting career and personal life. By attending classes I have completed the development of a new perspective on life and the way I move throughout it. I now approach life with a new mentality that I learned in class; “by telling myself I have already achieved something, that solves half the battle.” Although I am grateful for all of these things, I am most thankful for my Kung Fu skills.

~Andrea Ridgeway, Actress, Los Angeles, CA

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Zen Wellness Music

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Zen Wellness Music

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The 5 Elements of Om Mani Padme Hum. Music for Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga and Meditation

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It has been said over the centuries that all of the teachings of the Buddha are contained in the simple mantra of Om Mani Padme Hum.

The purpose of this album is to raise collective vibrational frequency. This music is a tool for that purpose. We accomplish this by using each piece as a foundation for your personal meditation practice.

Think of meditation as putting a turbid snow globe down on a flat surface. Over time, through stillness, turbidity settles, and you are able to see clearly through the snow globe. Meditation works in the same way by allowing internal turbidity to settle, giving you more clarity in your life.

Meditation only works when you do it. Each song is five minutes. When you sit in stillness for one song each day, over a period of time you will begin to gain the benefits of this practice.

The tempo is one beat per second. The bell rings every four seconds. Listen for the bell, when you hear it, inhale. When you hear it again, exhale. Use the bell to regulate your breath. Do not anticipate the bell, just wait for it and breathe. It will come.

When practicing qigong, yoga, tai chi, etc., wait for the bell to go onto your next movement. The gong goes off every minute so that can also be used as a timer in your practice.

A simple way of using mantra in your meditation is to repeat the words over and over. Initially, this technique works to keep other thoughts out of your head, then evolves into understanding meaning through stillness.

These songs tell the story of the five elements. The ancient masters observed recurring patterns in nature, medicine, music, human affairs, and other parts of nature and life’s expression.

They categorized these observations into the five phases, or elements. Each one has its own attributes, tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses.

A brief description of the five elements relating to this music is as follows:

  • Wood element: rising, spring time, sprouting upwards. The color is green. The syllable is Om.
  • Fire element: rising and dispersing. Picture flames flickering and dancing. The color is red. The syllable is Ma.
  • Earth element: centered and sweet. It does not rise or fall much, always returning the center. The colors are yellow and gold. The syllable is Ni.
  • Metal element: splitting and falling. The season is autumn, and there is grief in the metal element. The colors are white and silver. The syllable is Me.
  • Water element: flowing, building up and dispersing. The season is winter. The colors are blue and black. The syllable is Hum.
  • Qi: sometimes referred to as the 6th energy. Similar to fire, this energy dances both upward and downward. The color is purple. The syllable is Pad.

5-Element Music featuring the Wood Element


For meditation, medical qigong, tai chi, bagwa and kung fu

Wood of Wood
Fire of Wood
Earth of Wood
Metal of Wood
Water of Wood

How to listen to this music:

The 5-elements have been used for thousands of years to describe and analyze recurring patterns in nature, medicine, music, food, emotions, personalities, life-cycles, seasons, etc.

The element of the human condition is wood.
A ticking clock or metronome is also of the wood element.
The orchestration on this album is made up of hollow wood instruments:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello (plucked and bowed)
  • Wood block
  • Shakuhachi flute
  • Bell and cymbal (the only non-wood instruments)

Each song is 5-minutes so that you can use each one as a timer in your practice.
The tempo is one beat per second.
The bell rings every 4 seconds. Use the bell to regulate breath in your sitting meditation practice, or use it to go to the next movement in your moving practice of tai chi, qigong, yoga, etc.
The gong goes off every minute and can be used as a timer to hold a posture or move to the next sequence.

Think of this album as a highly stylized, 5-element metronome.

Each song can be played on a loop, or play all 5 in a row.

If you listen in order (25 minutes total), you will hear the story of the elements played out in the music.

Most common uses are:

  • Wait for the bell to move to the next movement in qigong and tai chi.
  • Use the bell to regulate breath in sitting meditation. Inhale until you hear the bell, then exhale when you hear it again. You can breath every 2-3 bells if one is too short.
  • Use one song as a 5-minute timer to do a brief, sitting meditation or a moving practice. To begin a meditation habit I recommend 5 minutes per day. This is easy to do if you are committed. Meditate for one song a day for 30 days and see the results you will get!
  • Hold postures (yoga, qigong or tai chi) for one minute (or more) and use the gong as a timer to move to the next posture.
  • Practice the 5-element standing meditation and switch each element after you hear the gong.

Composed and Performed by Master Teacher Jason Campbell


5-Element Music featuring the Metal Element

Metal Element Album Cover

For meditation, medical qigong, tai chi, bagwa and kung fu

Scored for cello, shakuhachi flute and percussion.

Wood of Metal
Tempo is 60 beats per minute (one beat per second to regulate the breath.)
The song is 5 minutes total – the gong goes off each minute.
Works for any Qigong protocol, Yang Tai Chi, 9-Dragon Form and any slower tempo training.

Fire of Metal
Tempo is 120 beats per minute.
The piece is written to the Zen Wellness 5-Animal Kung Fu Curriculum.
The gong goes off during each section change in the form.
Video Coming Soon!

Earth of Metal
Tempo is 90 beats per minute.
The song is 5 minutes total – the gong goes off each minute.
Works for Chen Tai Chi and any Qigong protocol with a faster tempo.

Metal of Metal
Tempo is 115 beats per minute.
The song is 4 minutes total – the gong goes off each minute.
Works for the Zen Wellness Bagwa curriculum.
The piece is based on the I-Ching, with 9 variations on one theme simulating moving through the Bagwa.

Water of Metal
Tempo is 90 beats per minute.
The song is 5 minutes total – the gong goes off each minute.
Works for faster Qigong protocols and Chen Tai Chi.

Composed and Performed by Master Teacher Jason Campbell

Shockti Bomb Cover

5 Elements for Solo Piano
Meditation and Feng Shui Music

The 6th Chi (5 Element Music Explained) – Listen to this track first

Wood Element for Solo Piano

Fire Element for Solo Piano
Earth Element for Solo Piano
Metal Element for Solo Piano
Water Element for Solo Piano

Composed and Performed by Master Teacher Jason Campbell