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Zen Wellness Medical Qigong Testimonials

Last week I attended my first immersion. It was a wonderfully inspiring experience to learn face-to-face from masters, teachers, and co-learners on this remarkable qigong journey to living well. Now that I’m back home and back at work, I find that nuggets of wisdom from last week continue to motivate and propel me forward. I am more confident in the actual practice, sit-stand-move, due to coaching and sound information as to what my body can do and theory that supports it, thus adding depth and meaning as I continue to learn and grow. By week’s end, I committed to coming back in Jan ’19, but I don’t know if I’ll make it that long. Sept in NH, or Oct in AZ are looking good for a return boost. Thank you to wonderful teachers and guides. You are all amazing. Thank you Zen Wellness for doing what you do and giving someone like me a new lease on life.

Cecilia, South Euclid, OH

My husband and I attended the recent Qi Fit weekend and loved it. We were so inspired by how it felt and what is possible if we continue the practice so have signed up for the 200 hour Restoration practice. So impressed with all the resources available and the constant attention we will be getting. Thanks Zen Wellness, Masters Leone, Campbell, and Anderson!

Lori, Redondo Beach, CA

I enjoy Master Leone’s weekly phone calls. His depth of knowledge and facility with Chinese medicine and philosophy is (what’s the “right” word here), staggering, inspiring, challenging, encouraging, …

Mark, California

What a phenomenal opportunity to learn from such a knowledgeable man as Master Leone. He has created an environment of World Class Instructors who will educate and guide you through your path of health, self restoration and more…

Robert, Virginia

I’m enjoying everything. I listen to an average of 2 calls a day while driving, do the Golden Chi ball morning and night…..I feel more energized and flexible than I have in a long time.

Ed, Florida

Love Zen Wellness! I have been out here, in Phoenix, with them for almost a week and am loving every minute. Thank you Master Campbell, Master Leone, Master Anderson, Gileana, Amy and everyone else at Zen Wellness for your knowledge and sharing with us the secrets of being forever young and helping us to help others to find their way. I recommend Zen Wellness to anyone wanting to get out of the Dr’s offices and on their way to real healing and transformation.

Darby, Peekskill, NY