The Zen Wellness system has its roots
 in Taoist alchemy and Western science. Taoists have been responsible
 for advancing the development of
 gunpowder, herbology and acupuncture
 to name a few of their 
accomplishments. The Taoists see the
 creation of the universe beginning with 
wuji or ultimate stillness. Creation brings forth yin Qi, yang Qi and yuan Qi, also known as positive, negative and neutral Qi. These are transformed into each other in an eternal cycle of movement. This cycle of eternal movement is referred to as Tai Qi, which generates the five elements. The Five Elements form the universe, Milky Way, earth, man and the 10,000 things of life.

You can see these findings mirrored in Western science where positive, negative and neutral energy are bound together within each atom and are the building blocks of all things. Simply put, Qi is this bio-magnetic energy that is within all living things. Where there is Qi, there is life. When you are born you have an abundance of Qi. The goal of Qi Gong is maintaining the abundance of Qi and insuring its proper circulation throughout the body.