What do you get when you squeeze an orange?

//What do you get when you squeeze an orange?

Q. What do you get when you squeeze an orange?

A. What ever is on the inside.

The squeeze of life tends to show us what we are made of on the inside.

If you are reading this post, chances are you are looking for teachings to help to improve what is on YOUR inside to find sense of greater inner freedom and calm.

This Improvement is a process to which there is no ‘magic pill’, only a ‘magic process’.

A process where you FEEL better on the inside and in your daily life.

When you are squeezed by life (and we all are) – have a better you come out.

The ‘magic process’ is actually quite simple, and has been done for thousands of years through masters teaching students who eventually become the teacher.

Students inhale the teachings and exhale to become the teachings.

Teacher training is not just for those looking to open a studio and teaching. It is for those looking to become better from the inside out. The process is the same for all, inhale the teaching – exhale the teachings – a process that is magical.

Ask yourself, if you were and orange and were squeezed, what would come out?

Would it be calm, focused and feeling free?


Would the squeeze reveal anxiety, fear, worry and feeling stuck?

If that squeeze brings out some less desirable things (as it does for most people), the process of teacher training may be just the thing you need! There are a few spots left for the training that will connect you to the trans-formative process, to a teacher, the teachings themselves and community.

To Begin:

Teacher Training

Photos from our Events

Tai Chi with Master Li

Stuart Olsen Lecture on the 250-Year-Old Man

Taoist Horse Stance with Master Campbell

Dao Yin with Master Rath

Qi Fit and Medical Qigong Oct 2013

Tao Yi

“I want to say…

a few words about Master Michael Leone.  I was looking for someone who could help instruct me a little bit more in depth in the world of Qi Gong and how it works, not just the movement and the breathing. 

He’s definitely the right person for that.  He’s well versed and well trained.  He will help you understand the basics, and give you a better understanding of how you can go about helping other people learn about Qi Gong.  How it can benefit their health, themselves, their friends, their family, and everyone around them.  If you’re looking for something like that, I would highly recommend Master Campbell and Master Leone’s services."

~Kevin Clark, Chief Instructor, President of America’s Martial Arts Institute, Medical Qigong Instructor, Kileen, TX

“I began my training…

at Zen Wellness on February 6, 2010. In my time there I have learned life skills I will keep forever in my mind and body.

Although my primary focus was Kung Fu, I have also participated in several Qigong classes, both of which have benefited me greatly. I am so thankful that I have discovered the importance of understanding how to cleanse my chi; knowing what that means alone, is a benefit in itself. To me it is a process of filling my heart, body, mind and spirit with purifying thoughts through various forms of meditation and movement.

The most important lessons I gained from training are the fundamentals of dedication, hard work, strength, honor, respect and courtesy. All of these will help me in my pursuit of success in my acting career and personal life. By attending classes I have completed the development of a new perspective on life and the way I move throughout it. I now approach life with a new mentality that I learned in class; “by telling myself I have already achieved something, that solves half the battle.” Although I am grateful for all of these things, I am most thankful for my Kung Fu skills.

~Andrea Ridgeway, Actress, Los Angeles, CA