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Show up for the Full Experience

Zen Wellness Medical Qigong Restorative Program (200hrs)

  • Live Zen Wellness Training: 200 total contact hours including (2) Zen Wellness Immersions
  • 100 contact hours “on-line interactive classroom”
  • On-line interactive classroom including:
  • Weekly interactive calls with Master Teacher Michael Leone (listen live or with a MP3 download)
  • Weekly LIVE on-line Medical Qigong Classes with certified instructors (participate live or via replay)
  • Live Qi Fit events are broadcast so you can participate and interact. Recording is made available after the event.
  • Zen Business Bootcamp LIVE 2-Day Training (optional)
  • Zen Business University Training (optional)
  • Zen Wellness Home Study Kit:
  • Secrets of Living Forever Young Medical Qigong book
  • 5 Element Curriculum on 2 DVD’s
  • Zen Wellness Masters Apprentice Log Book
  • Immediate access to the Zen Wellness Medical Qigong Library
  • 12 – 24 months to complete



Show up for the Week-Long Experience

Zen Wellness Medical Qigong Immersion

The Zen Wellness Immersion

Move your body!

  • One week of comprehensive instruction in our Restoration, Longevity or Cultivation program.
  • Daily instruction from our Master Instructors and staff.

Stay Connected!

  • One Year of interactive instruction via live tele–teaching and video instruction.
  • Expand your knowledge of your self and your environment

The Zen Wellness Home study resources includes:

  • The Zen Wellness Secret to Living Forever Young Book
  • Instructional videos and audios
  • 24-hour access to the Zen Wellness on-line audio-video library
  • Access to member resources: 5 Element Qigong Music, Acu-touch charts and much more



Sign Up for the Long Distance Experience

Qi Fit for Life – Instructor Certification Correspondence Course (100 Hours)

  • Energetic Anatomy live interactive tele-teaching
  • Weekly Qi Fit Qigong classes (on-line)
  • Qi Fit Immersion weekends (on-line)
  • 100 contact hours total
  • Science of Teaching live interactive tele-teaching (optional: for 100 hour certification only)
  • Mid-term written and physical exam (exam given by a Certified Zen Wellness Instructor via skype or video)
  • Final written and physical exam (exam given by a Certified Zen Wellness Instructor via skype or video)
  • 12 months to complete
  • Weekly live video classes
  • Weekly interactive tele-teaching call
  • Monthly tele-teaching call (Science of Teaching)
  • Participate and interact (on-line) during the Qi Fit immersions (see website for schedule)
  • Meet with an instructor for your mid-terms and final exams
  • Can learn at home
  • All contact hours & tuition paid can be applied to the 200 Hour Medical Qigong Master’s Path



Become a Zen Wellness Lineage Holder

Zen Wellness Lineage Holder / Instructor Certification

This is an add-on to the Zen Wellness Medical Qigong Restorative Program (200hrs). Must have completed the 200 Hour Restorative Program to apply to be a Lineage Holder.

  • To become qualified to teach and preserve the lineage you will undergo an additional immersion
  • Complete the science of teaching.
  • Complete a physical and written exam
  • This is a combination of live trainings and correspondence to earn your 200-hour Medical Qigong Masters Path Certification. You begin by reviewing the correspondence kit, web teachings and beginning your correspondence practice. We will then meet at two of our live trainings, usually a Chi Fit seminar followed by 3 days of Medical Qigong.
  • You will then come back for an intensive to refine your skill and test (if applicable).



Show up for the Weekend Experience

Qi Fit For Life Immersions

  • 20 hours of instruction by Master Instructors and Certified Instructors.
  • Attend any scheduled Immersion Nationally or Internationally.
  • Attend any Zen Wellness center offering the Qi Fit For Life program.
  • Includes Qi Fit For Life Home Study Program & 30 Days of Qi-School Membership



Get the Information

Qi Fit For Life

Home Study Program

Includes an easy step-by-step workbook and Instructional DVDs.

Qi Fit For Life Home Study


All pricing does not include shipping and handling ($20)

Download the Music

Shockti Bomb Training & Meditation Music

Download our training / meditation music on iTunes.

5 Element for Solo Piano Mediation

Bamboo Salt is vital to cleansing blood cells. It detoxifies the organs and stimulates cellular metabolism. It has an alkalizing effect on your body as well as water and food.  It provides long range benefits of the immune system.
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Photos from our Events

Tai Chi with Master Li

Stuart Olsen Lecture on the 250-Year-Old Man

Taoist Horse Stance with Master Campbell

Dao Yin with Master Rath

Qi Fit and Medical Qigong Oct 2013

Tao Yi

“I want to say…

a few words about Master Michael Leone.  I was looking for someone who could help instruct me a little bit more in depth in the world of Qi Gong and how it works, not just the movement and the breathing. 

He’s definitely the right person for that.  He’s well versed and well trained.  He will help you understand the basics, and give you a better understanding of how you can go about helping other people learn about Qi Gong.  How it can benefit their health, themselves, their friends, their family, and everyone around them.  If you’re looking for something like that, I would highly recommend Master Campbell and Master Leone’s services."

~Kevin Clark, Chief Instructor, President of America’s Martial Arts Institute, Medical Qigong Instructor, Kileen, TX

“I began my training…

at Zen Wellness on February 6, 2010. In my time there I have learned life skills I will keep forever in my mind and body.

Although my primary focus was Kung Fu, I have also participated in several Qigong classes, both of which have benefited me greatly. I am so thankful that I have discovered the importance of understanding how to cleanse my chi; knowing what that means alone, is a benefit in itself. To me it is a process of filling my heart, body, mind and spirit with purifying thoughts through various forms of meditation and movement.

The most important lessons I gained from training are the fundamentals of dedication, hard work, strength, honor, respect and courtesy. All of these will help me in my pursuit of success in my acting career and personal life. By attending classes I have completed the development of a new perspective on life and the way I move throughout it. I now approach life with a new mentality that I learned in class; “by telling myself I have already achieved something, that solves half the battle.” Although I am grateful for all of these things, I am most thankful for my Kung Fu skills.

~Andrea Ridgeway, Actress, Los Angeles, CA