The foundation of any practice, martial, medical, or spiritual is built on energy and awareness. Qigong practice is the cultivation of energy and awareness. The Zen Wellness Qigong program is structured to take you through a step-by-step process that will insure a sound foundation. The goal of all of the Qigong disciplines is to create a balance of life force energy or Qi to enhance the long-term quality of life.

Zen Wellness Chi Fit is the first step of learning the Qigong basics and incorporating this ancient modality into your practice and business.

You will learn the following Medical Qigong protocols:
* Standing Three Hearts and Nine Gates (Wood)
* The Healing Sounds (Earth)
* Golden Chi Ball (Metal)

Everything we teach has been “proven and tested in the field.” Like you, I actively teach, train and cultivate. I did not begin this path for business reasons, I began training in the eastern spiritual arts to CULTIVATE. Our business expertise took many years and organically grew from owning studios and certifying teachers.

These video teaching are our gift to you.



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 Master Leone


Master Teacher Michael Leone has over 34 years of martial and healing art experience. He is the Head Medical Qigong director of the Zen Wellness organization. He owns and licenses Martial Arts, Zen Yoga and Zen Wellness Centers, and is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Zen Wellness Self-Care Solutions” along with numerous DVD’s on Qigong, Tai Chi and Martial Arts. A registered 8th degree Black Belt Master Instructor registered with the United Martial Arts Association of America and recognized by The National Qigong Association, Yoga Alliance and The International Doh Yi Federation. Master Leone has been teaching the eastern arts full time for over 25 years and has trained and certified thousands of black belts and instructors.

Medical Qigong Cultivation


Medical Qigong Meditation