Zen Wellness Masters Apprentice Program – 1000 Hours


5 Complete Systems taught directly under a Zen Wellness Master Teacher

Duration: 5-18 years

Black Belt Required in (3) 108 Forms – your choice of forms

Enrollment strictly limited

call 623-570-8928 or e-mail info@zenwellness.com for info and application


Master’s Apprentice Curriculum

Medical Qigong CIT

The Golden Chi Ball

a. Yin-Yang theory

b. Creating the brass basin

c. Finding the three hearts

d. Opening the small circuit

e. Leading the golden chi ball

Zen Wellness Five Element Medical Qigong

a. Five-element theory

b. Using the Zen Wellness elemental healing sounds

c. Zen Wellness five animal qigong

d. Zen Wellness five elemental standing qigong

e. The three treasures of the Tao. Jing-Chi-Shen

Zen Wellness Nine Gates Medical Qigong

a. What are the nine gates?

b. Introduction to the twelve meridians

c. Three hearts and nine gates medical qigong. (muscle tendon changing)

d. Three hearts and nine gates acute medical qigong. (sitting practice)

e. Man, heaven and earth meridian breathing

Zen Wellness Eight Vessels Medical Qigong

a. Introduction to the eight vessels

b. Opening the eight vessels qigong

c. Filling the eight vessels qigong

d. Introduction to the eight trigrams

e. The seven dimensions of consciousness

Zen Wellness Bone Marrow Nei Gong

a. What is bone marrow nei gong?

b. Iron shirt qigong

c. Introduction to Ching Chi nei gong

d. Bone marrow breathing nei gong

e. Bone tapping nei gong

Southern Boxing-Nan Chuan

Hung Family-Shaolin

5 Animal Fist Combination

108 5 Animal Fist

Fu Jow Pai (Black Tiger Claw)

Lion Fist

Northern Long Fist-Chang Chuan

Shaolin-Jing Wu-Wushu

108 Long Fist 1-10

Eagle Claw

Northern Preying Mantis

Iron Monkey

8 Drunken Immortals Boxing

Kuei Ding

Tai Chi Yang/Chen/Wu

1st Short Form-Soft

2nd Hard Whipping Form

3rd Soft & Hard Form

Combined 108 Yang Style


18 Chen Form

1st & 2nd Chen Form

Pao I

Zen Business Bootcamp

International Training

Advanced Inner Alchemy

Zen Yoga

Zen Yoga CIT

I Ching

Taoist Tantra

Zen Marksman Training

Tao Yin

Ren Wu Zhang

Wing Chun/Buddha Palm

18 Individual Forms in Line

116 Wooden Man Form

Eight Diagram Palm-

Baguazhang-Taoist &Circular Palms

Turning Spinning Qigong

8 Animal Sun Style

9 Pillars Stepping Form

Chen Style 8 Palms

Emei Dragon Shape Bagua

Emei Swimming Dragon Bagua

I Ching Bagua

Form Mind Boxing-Xing Yi Chuan

Sun Style 5 Element Xing Yi

Sun Style 12 Animal Xing YI

108 Sun Style Xing Yi Chuan

Chinese Weapons

Wind Staff

Wind Demon Staff

12 Winds Staff

Honan Fighting Staff

5th Brother Fighting Staff

32 Spear

Tiger Tornado Broadsword

Broadsword & Shield

Double Broadsword

Broadsword & Chain Whip

32 Shaolin Sword

Lin Wu Jien

San Cai Jien Fighting Sword

Wu Tang Tai Chi Sword/Fan

8 Immortal Sword

Tong Family Sword

Double Straight Sword

Kwan Dao

Pu Dao

Tiger Fork

Monk Spade

Wooden Bench

Dragon Fan

Tiger Twin Hook Swords

Double Melon Hammers/ Double Axes

Chain Whip

Rope Dart

3 Sectional Staff

Deer Horn Knives

Double Daggers